For Gig Workers, Freelancers and Independent Contractors

Finding the Gig is only half the job. Now you have to manage your gigs like a business because that is exactly what it is. So we are here to help!

At The Law Offices of Florence E. Hardy, we believe that your focus should be on getting your gigs. We are trained to provide financial, business and legal services to keep you on the right track as you grow your business for you and your family. So let us handle your business, while you handle those gigs.

  • Corporate Entity Creation
  • Copyright Registration
  • Trademark Registration
  • Business Licensing
  • Business Planning and Organization
  • Contract Drafting and Review (including licensing agreements and work for hire contracts)‚Äč

Be mindful:  All engagements begin with a introductory consultation.  However, not all consultations will result in an engagement.  As such, an attorney-client relationship is not created by the scheduling of an appointment.  An attorney-client relationship will only be formed once you complete and sign an engagement agreement with our firm. 

If an engagement is initiated, all appointment fees paid will be credited toward the final cost of the total service provided.  If an engagement is not initiated, all appointment fees paid are non-refundable.