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The On Demand Economy is a $57 billion a year industry and it is only expected to grow. Characterized by the use of gig workers, freelancers and independent contractors, this business model is one that is here to stay. While the use of these types of workers allows for higher profits, more flexibility, and easier recruiting, it also adds more complexity in the areas of employment law, tax and liability.

The Economy of Now forum was developed to help businesses using this On-Demand business model get a handle on what it means to operate using independent contractors. Simply stating someone is an independent contractor is not enough (even if you have a contract in place). Your company, as well as the independent contractor, must ACT as two separate organizations. That is the process we help companies navigate. The forum is a community of on-demand companies that allows everyone of C-suite executives to the gig workers they work with to compile best practices, tools and resources to ensure this new way of working works for everyone involved. Joining the forum is free. Simply log in and get a view of all the resources available, chat with like minded individuals, suggest tools that you have found helpful and much more.

Joining is simple. Just click here, complete a profile and join us for a lively discussion.