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The FLOW (“Forming Legacies of Wealth”)™ Enterprises Collaborative is an entrepreneurial training institute designed to provide individuals and groups with the education they need to start and grow successful enterprises.  We believe that everyone with a dream of entrepreneurship can be successful with the right tools and we are here to help get you on the path to business ownership.  We provide a range of tools, education, and access to resources in a one-stop format so that you can get the information you need and get working on building your future in business.


Interested in obtaining entrepreneurial education on your own terms?  SmallBizFlo offers a range of entrepreneurship training to owners at every stage of business.  Join an upcoming course or participate in one-on-one education.  We work with you to provide you with the education and resources you need to make your business successful.


Looking to provide a hands-on, proven entrepreneurial education to your constituents, members and/or students?  We can work with you to provide any of the following curriculums to those whom you serve or develop a customized learning program to meet the needs of your audience.  Just contact us at to get started.

Entrepreneurial Education Programs

Practice Beats Planning™   REGISTER NOW

This curriculum takes individuals through the business planning process by incorporating achievable action items that move them from business idea to business ownership.  This course goes beyond drafting a document and requires participants to complete activities each week to get their business started.  Whether it is operating a pop up location, completing customer discovery, speaking with suppliers, this course takes entrepreneurial learning out of the classroom and onto the streets.

From Mission to Market™ REGISTER NOW

For individuals and groups looking to make a difference in the world through business ownership, this course helps companies to incorporate social benefit into their business model.  In this class, we review different social enterprise models and students will have the opportunity to test their ideas and see the positive impact they can make in the world through entrepreneurship.

Curate My Company™ REGISTER NOW

This class is focused on the development and growth of current businesses.  We work with individuals and teams to develop action oriented strategic and marketing plans customized to their need and market.  By the end of the course, business owners will walk away with a set strategy and action items to help them accomplish their goals.

All courses are developed to be taken over 10 weeks.  However, weekend “Business Frenzy Sessions” are available.  To find out when the next session for each is taking place, send an email to