Redefining Success

Billion dollar corporations are relatively new creations in the story of human history.  As a person who works in business and economic development, the continual push is to find and support the next Zuckerberg or Musk.  However, that is not the ambition for many of those interested in starting and growing business.  For most, the goal is to create some semblance of a comfortable lifestyle, where they have control over what they work on, who they work with and, sometimes, how often they work.

After thinking about this premise for a while, I thought I might be shortchanging the entrepreneurial process.  Why can’t every business strive to become a multi-conglomerate corporation with billions in the bank and thousands of employees, I thought to myself.  And the answer become clear after some thought.  More money, more problems and some people just aren’t ready to tackle the problems that money brings.  From unrealistic expectations to multiple partners and investors to listen to and the larger and larger threat of litigation.  Besides those things, as companies get bigger, they become less flexible and may loss some of the luster that brought a person to entrepreneurship in the first place.

All of this to say, you need to define success for yourself.  Set goals, reach them and work so that in the end, you are personally proud of what you created.  If you need help drafting your success plan and strategy, contact me at  Start now to define what success will be in your business.

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