Rome wasn’t built in a day

And neither will a huge social media following.  So what can you do to help the process along. The key to growing a following is consistent, quality content.  To help you do this, lets take a closer look at what that means.
In order to be successful on social media, you have to be on social media.  That may sound intuitive, but it isn’t.  Setting up a profile and posting once a month is not going to cut it.  However, it is important to note that too much posting can also be a bad thing.  So being consistent means finding the line between to little content and too much content and walking it perfectly.  It is also important to note that not every platform is built equally.  The right amount of posting in one platform may be too much or too little in another.  While none of this is scientifically proven, the best amount to post per platform is outlined below to make it a little easier for you to start.
Pinterest – 5 posts per day
Twitter – 3 posts per day
Google+ – 3 posts per day
Facebook – 2 posts per day
Instagram – 2 posts per day
LinkedIn – 1 post per day
Blog – 2 posts per week
To make it easy, you should use posting scheduling tools, such as hootsuite or latergramme, to relieve the pressure of always being at the ready with new content.  You should also feel free to reuse your content and/or post the same content on multiple platforms.  Chances are you have a different audience in each so you should not have to many people reading the same thing over and over again.
Being consistent means nothing if what you are creating is boring or irrelevant to your reader.  You want to be sure that you are creating content that your readers and followers will actually find interesting.  A good way to do this is to simply answer some of the questions that you get concerning your business.  Chances are that if one person took the time to ask the question, many others have the same one.
When you also consider whether your content is truly quality, you need to also take into account your writing ability and style.  The problem that I see with some blog authors is the dreaded “they write like they talk”.  The written word is very different from that of a verbal conversation, and some miss the point.  Writing as one speaks can make writings difficult to read and understand and few readers will take the time to wade through it.  So try to make reading your content as easy as possible by using the best grammar possible.
So what is content.  As I have alluded to in this post, a lot of content is writing.  Whether it is a blog post, a short tweet or facebook comment, written posts are easily the most commonly created types of content.  However, to boost your social media following higher and faster, you need to begin to incorporate pictures, video and live interaction into the content you are creating.  Pictures are a necessity when using certain platforms, such as Instagram or Pinterest, but incorporating them into all your platforms is key to getting ahead.  Additionally, with new platforms such as Periscope and gaining in acceptance and usage, being able to interact live with followers is even more important.  Most importantly to note is that these interactions do not have to be long and planned to the moment.  Additionally, these interactions can be recorded for usage on different platforms making it even easier for you to create content on the go.
As with everything, the key to building a large following is to be diligent and generally good at what you do.  If you do that, finding the time to share your passion with others will be easy and the followers will just come!!

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