Hacking Social Media: Take Less Time to Get Better Results

Everyone (by now) should know the power of social media.  And its influence on people’s buying behavior should be no surprise.  After all, when you think about it, social media is just word of mouth on steroids.

But being effective and successful in social media can be time consuming.  The constant changes and upgrades can be overwhelming.  Keeping up with these changes while making time to create content that is social media worthy can become a full time job by itself.

To be truthful, there are tons of shortcuts and resources available to help you manage the behemoth that is social media.  Today, I am highlighting just 3 that can be implemented immediately and help you start saving time and your sanity today.  So here it goes…

1. Create a Stalker List

Despite the negative connotation, we all have idols.  People whom we look up to in life and in business.  A stalker list helps you identify people whose social media prowess you want to emulate in order to track what they are doing so you can politely duplicate their efforts.  Be mindful, this is NOT an invitation to plagiarize, but instead take note to how often they post, where they post, what they post and match your posting schedule to it.   You can also use this tactic to find your ideal client.  For example, if you really want to meet a particular person to whom you can sell your product or service, follow them, see what they are posting about, where they are posting…and be there.

2. Use Content Multiple Times

It takes you precious time to create content, so make the most of it and use it more than once.  Twitter is one of my favorite platforms to help me reuse content.  Whether using it to take notes at a conference, or simply jot down my thoughts, Twitter is an ongoing notebook that allows me to get feedback on topics immediately.  Additionally, Twitter has a tool that will send you an archive of all of your tweets, going back to your first one.  You just have to ask for it.  Using this list of topics you have already discussed, you can create blogposts, facebook posts, podcasts, webinars and more without starting from scratch.  To get an archive of your posts, just visit Account Settings and select “Request your Archive” at the bottom of the screen.

3. Automate Multiple Actions at Once

If you have not heard of IFTTT, let me enlighten you.  If this, then that (IFTTT), allows you to connect social media platforms and make changes in one, when you make changes in another.  For example, once your accounts are connected, you can change your facebook profile picture whenever you send a tweet or send out a tweet whenever you post to your blog.  This is a great time-saving tool that everyone should use.

So now that you know, go out and take over the social media world.

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