3 Ways to Boost Productivity Using Rituals

The term “ritual” can have a negative connotation from time to time.  It can harken thoughts of cults and other subcultural phenomena.  After all rituals are usually used when one doesn’t want to think for oneself and relinquishes that power to another.  However, that does not and should not always be the case.  When used appropriately, rituals can help you be more productive by stopping you from wasting time on tasks that are trivial and allow you to focus on those tasks that are imperative.  Here are 3 rituals to consider to help make each of your work days more productive than that next.

1. Create a Diet Routine

This does not mean you have to eat the same thing everyday, but it does require you to plan in advance.  The best example of this is Sheldon from the show “Big Bang Theory”.  For Sheldon, the meals for everyday of the week are planned.  Monday is Thai, Tuesday is Cheesecake Factory (where he orders the same item every week), Thursday is Pizza Night, etc.  This eliminates the hard conversation you have with yourself everyday at least 3 times per day about what to eat.  If you create a diet routine, the decision is already made.  You can boost this step, but scheduling delivery of your meals at the appropriate time.

2. Define your Fashion Uniform

Most businesses understand the effect of having employees where uniforms.  Outside of the basic benefits that it can act as promotion for the brand when employees are in public and allows your employees to put forth one image of your company, it just makes life easier for the employee.  No more taking time to wonder if something is appropriate for work…with a uniform, your employees are always appropriate.  The same can apply to you, whether or not you have employees.  This does not mean you have to wear the same thing everyday, but it does mean you choose a style and focus on it.  Maybe that means you buy 10 dresses that fit the same in different colors.  Or you have 20 white shirts with 20 corresponding black bottoms to mix and match.  Whatever you feel comfortable doing, do it.  It will save you time and stress in the morning and get your day off to a productive start.

3. Prioritize 1 Item per Day

The dreaded to do list.  No matter how much you get done, there is always more to do.  To ensure that you are as productive as you need to be each day, choose one item that you have to get done.  It should be an overarching item that encompasses a few of your minor to-dos, but prioritize it and make sure that you work to complete it.  An example of this type of item is “posting a new class online”.  While in and of itself, it may seem like a minor item, this one item can lead to creating social media posts, posting the class on numerous websites, drafting an outline for the course or more.  Whatever you have to do to complete “post the class online”, do it on the day you have made it a priority.

Rituals help us by releasing us of some of the thousands of decisions we make each day.  Consider introducing a few of these rituals into your days to reach your ultimate level of productivity.

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