About the Firm

The Law Offices of Florence E. Hardy are committed to making legal services affordable to the masses.  To facilitate this process, we have developed innovative pricing strategies and plans to provide diy help along with limited scope representation.  We can also provide services via phone, email or webchat to help you manage your legal affairs at a fair rate.  Let us show you how you can still receive quality legal representation without the usual high cost to business owners.

About the Lawyers

B.B.A Howard University

M.B.A. DePaul University

J.D. The John Marshall Law School

A graduate of the John Marshall Law School, she has been a successful business consultant for over 5 years.  She began working toward a Masters in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship.  During this time, she worked within the Coleman Entrepreneurship Center as a Business Consultant.  In this position, she created business plans, completed marketing studies, and provided financial analysis assistance to current and prospective business owners in the Chicagoland area.  Her clients ranged from large retail distribution companies to small bed and breakfast clients. 

Soon after, she began working for the City of Chicago in the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection as a Senior Business Consultant.  In this position, she guided business owners through the licensing and compliance process.  During her final year with the City, she focused solely on providing licensing assistance to liquor establishments throughout the city.

While working for the City of Chicago during the day, she began to take night classes at the John Marshall Law School (JMLS) to work toward a Juris Doctor degree in corporate, transactional and intellectual property law. Florence is also a Certified Mediator with the Center for Conflict Resolution in Chicago.

Florence has lived and studied in Chicago, Illinois, Washington, DC and Berlin, Germany.

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