If I could put some sound on this blogpost, you would hear the guards of the castle of the Wicked Witch of the West chanting as they make their way into that scary castle.  You know that part of the Wizard of Oz where the Tinman, Lion and Scarecrow are preparing to enter the castle to save Dorothy before the sand runs out of the hour glass?  That chant.  For a family movie, that is a fairly dark and scary part.  But Dorothy and friends survive to get their wishes granted in the end.


The same can be said for understanding the world of S.E.O. or search engine optimization.  For a business owner, it can be a dark and scary part of the internet that is hard to understand and even more difficult to get right.  However, if you can work past the fear, taking the time to learn and plan, you can gain the skills you need to automate and even succeed in S.E.O. on your own.  To help you begin you survive and thrive, so that you can get your business wishes granted, I have provided a few tips (just to get you started) on the world to success in the S.E.O. space.

1. Identify the words that Google attributes to your site and use them (tastefully) as much as you can.

You can identify the keywords Google attributes to your site by using the Google Keyword Planning tool found at https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner.  These are the words that if searched by a user, Google will use to likely point them to your site.  Once you know what these words are, use them throughout your website.   While it is easy to try incorporate them into the copy you create, you also want to use them in the title and url if possible.

2. Get others to connect to your site

Ensuring that users get quality content when they are searching is key for Google.  To help Google identify quality website, they pay special attention to who many other sites “link back” to your site.  That is, they want to see that others have provided a link to your content on their website.  The more this happens, the more likely you are to get pushed to the top of the list.  To help you get more “link backs”, contact bloggers relevant to your industry and request they review your site, your product or content that you have produced.  If they like what they see, they will include “link backs” on their site.  This action has the additional benefit of introducing your site and content to their readers, so if it is good, you may get new customers as well.

3. Get testimonials and put them on your site

This point is pretty self-explanatory, but the key is to ask for and then post the great things people are saying about you.  You may even want to tag the person who gave you the testimonial to show they are highlighted on your site.  This step may lead to them posting it in their social media channels and opens you up to a whole new audience.

4. Set up google alerts

Once you get your content and your site out there, now it’s time to check on the status.  The bad thing about sending your information out to bloggers or putting it on the web at all is that it is difficult to see if you are getting any traction from it.  While you can view analytics, it is almost impossible to know what people are saying about you after they view your site.  Google Alerts changes that by sending you notification every time your business (or related keywords) are mentioned online.  This free tool allows you to monitor what people are saying and where they are saying it, so you can respond where appropriate.

5. Create great content and pay to promote the best of it

Read this article to determine if blogging is right for you.  If you decide it is, do it and watch which of your postings get the most steam.  Once you see the article that most people are interested in, you can amplify the effect by paying to get it in front of even more people.  This can help you gather more “link backs”, identify better keywords and reach your goals faster than before.

While this list is by no way inclusive (there are articles out there that list 100 ways to boost your SEO), it is a start.  These are quick things that you can do to at least get you on the path to increasing viewers of your site and your content.

Just like in the Wizard of Oz, there is no need to be scared despite the ominous chant of the guards.  You just have to take the first steps to learn how to manage the process, and you will be saving your business from the grasp of whatever witches have limited it in no time.

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