How to Choose Solutions to Help You Start (and Run) Your Small Business

Everyone wants to know the “right” steps they need to take to start a business.  How can I make sure I am compliance? What paperwork do I need to file? How do I actually get started?  While important questions, there is not one right answer.  The answer differs for every single one of my clients.  It can depend on how much work they have done so far in their business, the industry they are in, the amount of money they have to invest and many more variables.

However, one thing that stays constant among all business owners is the need to have a support system.  No matter the size, industry or type of business, it is highly unlikely that one person will have all the answers they need to start.  Even where one has received the “right” steps they need to follow, they may need assistance in implementing those steps to move forward.

So where can you get that assistance as a freelancers, gigworker or solopreneur?  Solutions are abundance.  From consultants to software, many options exist to get you the help that you need.  Some things to consider to help you choose the right solution for you are highlighted below.

1. Cost

Every business has to start by managing costs.  Keeping overhead as low as possible as you begin to build can make or break your business even before it has started.  Many solutions, and consultants for that matter, offer free trials or introductory reviews at no cost.  Start with these free options to try out the services you need before you invest in them.

2. Ease of Use

You need to spend time focused on building your expertise and likely do not have time to learn a whole new system or process, especially as you are getting started.  Look for solutions that are easy to use, straight forward in the instructions and provide regular support.

3. Personal Support

As support goes, I hate calling or emailing a company only to be forwarded to someone who I can’t understand.  I need calls and requests for support answered quickly so I can continue working and I am sure you do to.  So make sure that you choose solutions that have support teams that you can contact quickly and easily, so that if problems arise you can get an answer ASAP.

Still need more help finding the tools you need to start your business.  Contact the consultants at for more one-on-one assistance.

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