The One Thing You Need To Do To Monetize Social Media

There are alot of articles in the universe about how to increase likes on facebook, followers on twitter and instagram, scopers on periscope and so on.  And this is great information.  However, getting those likers, followers, and scopers to convert to paying customers is a whole different ballgame.  Statistics show that (on average) less than 2% of your social media followers will ever buy from you.  So while focusing on gaining a following in social media is good to just get your name out there, it is not enough to make the kind of money you want (I assume).

So how can you change that?  The answer, while brief, is not so simple.

You need to create valuable community experiences in a select few social media platforms that move customers to purchase.

See it is short, but it is a loaded answer.  Let’s break it down.

1. Create

You need to curate your content.  Posting on social media should reflect the personality of your brand and business and thus, everything you create should be purposeful.

2. Valuable

Value is in the eye of the beholder.  Find out what information, images, content, discounts, etc your ideal customers believe is valuable and give it to them.  Whether it is weekly tips, breathtaking images or something else, find your companies value to your customer and pile it on.

3. Community

Put the social back in social networking.  It is easy to think of customers as strangers behind a screen, but all individuals want to be part of a community.  Create a community specifically for your customers, whether within a social network platform or by hosting real-live events.

4. Experiences

People forget the things they buy, but they remember the experiences that moved them to purchase.  Think about relevant experiences you can provide your customers and create them.  Like community, experiences can take place both online and offline, so be creative.

5. On a few (preferably one) social media platform

Managing multiple platforms is difficult for Fortune 500 companies with hundreds of employees, so it is not surprising that it is difficult for the solopreneur.  Choose one platform, preferably the one most in tune with those in your target market and be spectacular within it.  You can also cross pollenate content to other social media platforms later, if you decide.

6. That move customers to purchase

This should more specifically state that you need to include an “Ask” in every post.  The ask may be implicit, such as including contact info or a giving incentives to visit site in each post or it may be explicit and state on the face of the post to BUY NOW.  In any case, you need to include an “Ask”.  Think about it like this…in church, in every service, they ask for a donation…you should do the same.

So that is it…one short loaded phrase to help you to begin to monetize your social media platforms and convert your followers into customers.  Good Luck!!!

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